Why fascia training, strength and stability exercises, and good recovery are so important for speed, shot reliability, and dual combat.

In Germany alone, soccer is by far the most popular team sport. In fact, according to a survey conducted in 2018, over half of all Germans are actual soccer fans. This means that they are interested in at least one club from the German Bundesliga.

But anyone who plays soccer knows that hardly any other sport demands so much. Fast sprints, dynamic changes of direction, and many ball maneuvers in a row require endurance, speed, agility, coordination, and whole-body strength. For your body to be able to hold out, you have to prepare well. With targeted fascia training, concrete exercises, sleep, and of course BLACKROLL® products.

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How the fasciae control mobility

Our whole body is traversed by fasciae. This tissue surrounds bones, organs, tendons, ligaments, and muscles to give the body its structure. But more importantly: The fasciae transmit and store force, because they have an elastic storage capacity. The fasciae have 10 times as many nerves as the muscles. This means that fasciae receive and transmit neuronal stimuli. The fasciae are also involved in the transport of fluids in the body.

A large proportion of all injuries in sport don't affect the muscles or bones, but mainly fasciae, ligaments, tendons, capsules, and cartilage. This is especially true of damage caused by overloading. If the doctor diagnoses a torn muscle fiber or a pulled muscle, the actual injury is often to the fascial tissue. Rapid changes of direction and abrupt stopping after sprints are frequent causes of injuries in soccer. Targeted warming up with the BLACKROLL® can reduce the risk of injury. More than that: It makes us more agile without lowering power output.

Dr. Robert Schleip, human biologist and leading expert in fascia research

“Fascia training is like a switch that has become rusty. You only have to give it one clear stimulus and then there will be light for the next few days. "

1:0 for BLACKROLL®

Our BLACKROLL® products can be used to mobilize and activate tissue before training, as well as for recovery after physical exertion. Even with little effort, pain points are reduced with regular use. The elasticity and resilience of the tissue and muscles improve.

General information for self-massage:

  • Breathe in and out deeply and regularly during the massage.
  • Relax your muscles!
  • Roll about 30-40 seconds per body part (longer if required)
  • Be sure to keep your upper body as upright as possible, with the chest open.
  • Stay on pain points for about 15 seconds.

Olé, olé, olé, olé: Train like a pro

Our exercises, which you can also integrate into your normal soccer training, let you increase your mobility without sacrificing performance. There are also promising results indicating improved recovery, arterial function, and intrafascial lubricity.

1. Activation and warm-up

Prepare your body for the coming strain. The BLACKROLL exercises increase your mobility as well as the blood circulation of your muscles in the shortest time. In contrast to classic stretching exercises, BLACKROLL exercises do not reduce your power output.

Mini 01

Activation of the sole

While standing, place your sole on the BLACKROLL® MINI or BALL 08 and then transfer your weight over the foot to the foam roller/ball. Roll back and forth between toe and heel while maintaining constant pressure, for about 60 seconds per side.

01 Wade

Activation of the calf

Sit up straight and support yourself with your hands on the floor. Put the BLACKROLL® under your right calf, and set up your left leg. Roll rapidly from top to bottom and back over the calf region. For a full-surface massage, move your leg in fluid movements to the right and left. Switch sides. About 60 seconds per side

07 Oberschenkel Innenseite

Activation of the thigh muscles

Start in the plank position. Place the BLACKROLL® under your left upper thigh, just above the knee. Roll out your left thigh by pushing yourself quickly over the roller. Take care to do a wide-area massage of the thigh muscles by shifting your weight a little to the right and left as you carry out this exercise. Switch sides. About 60 seconds per side

02 Oberschenkel Rueckseite

Activating the hamstrings

Start in a seated position with your legs extended in front of you. Place the BLACKROLL® under your thigh, just above the back of the knee. Support yourself with your hands next to your buttocks. Lift your buttocks and quickly roll over the back of the thighs. Twist your leg inward and outward a little while doing so, to activate the entire back of the calf muscles. About 60 seconds.

Ball 01

Activation of the gluteal muscles

Sit down and place the BALL 08 under one buttock. Place the leg on the same side over your other leg. Support yourself with your hands next to your buttocks. Roll out the buttock by bending and stretching the stretched-out leg and with the support of your arms, making circular movements over the fascia ball. The more body weight you place on the ball, the more intense the pressure. About 60 seconds per side

11 Unterarmstutz

Activation of the trunk muscles

Get into the plank position and place your forearms on the BLACKROLL®. Be sure your elbows are parallel with your shoulders and that your hips don’t droop down and aren't raised too far upwards. Stay stable in this position and slowly roll your forearms back and forth.

2. Strength and stability training

For your game you need good leg and hip muscles as well as a strong torso. These exercises extend your training to strengthen your muscles, which is especially important in soccer.

11 Unterarmstutz


Get into the plank position and place your forearms on the BLACKROLL®. Be sure you start with your elbows parallel with your shoulders and that your hips don’t droop down or aren't raised too far upwards. Stay stable in this position and slowly roll your forearms back and forth.

16 Unterarmstutz Rucklings


Lie on your back and place your feet on the BLACKROLL®. Now raise your hips and be sure to actively clench your gluteal muscles during the movement. Now lower your hip slowly again. 3 sets, 15 - 20 repetitions.

27 Liegestutz Rollen

Power pushup

Get on hands and knees. Place your hands below your shoulder and your shins above your ankles on the BLACKROLL®. Stretch both legs backwards by rolling over the BLACKROLL® and bend your elbows at the same time. Bring your chest towards the floor and hold the tension throughout your body. Stretch your elbows again and pull your knees towards your chest. Repeat this exercise 8-10 times. Make sure your body is tight and your elbows stay close to your upper body.

21 Beinheber

Reverse crunch

Lie on your back and clamp the BLACKROLL® between your feet. Your arms should lie loosely next to your upper body. Activate your abdominal muscles and lift your stretched legs off the floor. Lift them as far up as you can. Slowly lower your legs towards the ground without putting them down, then restart the movement. Repeat this exercise 10-15 times.

3. Recovery

Stretching and recovery exercises are also important after training or play.

They make you fit, reduce your muscle tone, and protect you from injuries.

Duoball 04

Calf and Achilles tendon

Start in a seated position with your legs extended in front of you. Bend your right leg and place your left calf on the DUOBALL. Support yourself with your hands next to your buttocks. Raise your buttocks and slowly, by bending and stretching the right leg, roll out the calf region. Twist your left foot inwards and outwards while doing so, to work out the entire calf musculature. Pause at hotspots, remove buttocks and pull on your toes. Release your foot and repeat this movement 5 times. Then change sides.

06 Oberschenkel Aussenseite

Outer upper thigh (IT ligament)

Lie on your side with your left upper thigh on the BLACKROLL® and support yourself on your hands and upper leg. Use your upper leg and hands to push yourself slowly back and forth over the roller. Treat all areas by rotating your lower leg and remain for about 15 seconds on the pain points.

07 Oberschenkel Innenseite

Inner upper thigh

Start in the plank position. Angle your left leg to the side and place the BLACKROLL® under the left upper thigh, just above the knee. Slowly roll your left upper thigh from the inside out by pushing yourself over the roll onto your side. Stay on pain points for about 15 seconds.

Ball 04


Stand with your back to the wall. Hold the BALL 08 between the wall and your back, directly next to your spine. Roll by bending and stretching your legs up and down. You can vary the intensity with active pressure of your back against the fascia ball. Then place the fascia ball on the other side of the spine and repeat the exercise.

Further exercises for soccer players can be found in the free BLACKROLL APP or as PDF.


After training is before training

Even though soccer is an active sport, it is important to recover at least as actively after training or a game. The exercises shown above let you can do something good for your muscles.

But passive recovery is also important. So, sleep. Sleep is absolutely vital for a holistic recovery, because only after a restful night do we feel balanced, fit, and ready for the new day.

In fact, vital processes for physical and mental health take place during sleep. The body releases growth hormones, which it needs for the recovery of cells and organs as well as for muscle growth. The immune system is more active at night, and wounds heal more quickly than when awake.

Sufficient sleep and performance are therefore closely related. In all areas of our daily lives. That is why good sleep is essential for health, performance, mood, and genuine recovery.

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