Is your next walking holiday coming up and you want to be prepared? Strength training is an important part of preparing for a hike. Many people focus on endurance training and forget about strength training. But if you have shaky legs, your next hiking trip will be uncomfortable. And a walking holiday should be about enjoying yourself. You should aim to increase your overall fitness in preparation for hiking.

The following fitness exercises will benefit hikers and mountain climbers alike.

We recommend the following exercises as a stand-alone workout. They consist of classic circuit training made up of three sets. When you have finished one exercise, move directly on to the next one. Keep breaks to under 20 seconds – this ensures you are also training your cardiovascular system.

Perform this full-body workout two or three times a week. Give your muscles time to recover by leaving at least one day between workouts.


Effect: Activates your lower abdominal muscles.

Instructions: Lie on your back and grip a BLACKROLL® STANDARD between your feet. Let your arms relax and rest on the ground by your torso. Activate your abdominal muscles and lift your outstretched legs up off the floor. Lift them as far as you can. Then lower your legs back towards the floor, without resting them back down, and begin again. Repeat the exercise 10-15 times.

Repetitions: 10-15

Sets: Two to three

Tip: Only lower your legs as far as possible while still keeping your lower back on the floor.


Effect: Activates your upper back muscles.

Instructions: Pull your hands in towards your MULTI BAND at the level of your navel. Your torso should remain upright and not move. Slowly extend your arms again and bring them back to the starting position while maintaining the tension.

Repetitions: 8-12

Sets: Two to three

Tip: In the final movement, focus on bringing your shoulder blades back. Imagine you are trying to grip an object between them.


Effect: activates the side of your core and helps build the required stability.

Instructions: Place your lower left arm on a BLACKROLL® (30 cm) and raise yourself into a side plank. Your shoulder should be above your elbow and your legs should be straight, one on top of the over. Make sure your body forms a straight line and your hip does not sag.

Hold your whole body in a straight line while maintaining the tension. Hold this position for 3 x 30 seconds. Then change sides.

Time: Hold for 30 seconds

Sets: Two to three times per side


Effect: Strengthens your glutes.

Instructions: Place a LOOP BAND around your knees and raise yourself into a side plank. Lift your buttocks off the floor and raise your upper leg. Then lower it again, but still maintain some tension in the band.

Repetitions: 8-12

Sets: Two to three times per side

Tip: Make sure that your elbow is positioned directly below your shoulder. You can also use LOOP BANDs with different levels of resistance.


Effect: Strengthens your shoulder muscles.

Instructions: Place a MULTI BAND around your feet and hold the loops in each hand. Lift up your shoulders so that the band is pulled tight.

Repetitions: 8-12

Sets: Two to three times per side

Tip: Use loops closer to the center to increase the resistance.