Do you suffer from tired legs and sore muscles after hiking? Do hiking days and walking holidays sometimes push you to your limit? You’re not alone.

Recuperation after a hike is just as important as the hike itself. Targeted regeneration can help you better recover from the exertion. We show you how to combat sore muscles after a hike.

Recent studies show that fascia training has a positive impact when it comes to tackling sore muscles after exercise and the resulting restricted movement.[1] You should be ready to take on your next hiking trip faster after a session with a fascia roller. Focus on the leg muscles and glutes, which are put under particular strain during hiking.

Simply perform the following five exercises after every hike – whether you’re back at home, in an alpine chalet or your hotel room.



Effect: It’s common to experience sore feet after hiking. This exercise helps to relieve tension in the soles of your feet and combat foot pain after hiking.

Instructions: While standing, place the sole of your right foot on a BLACKROLL® BALL. Put your weight on your right foot on the ball and move your foot in circles while maintaining constant pressure. Focus on sore areas for about 10 seconds and increase the pressure of your foot on the ball. Then release the pressure. Repeat the process along your foot, starting at the joint of your big toe and progressing down to your heel, focusing on the sore areas. Then change to your left foot.

Time: One minute per side

Sets: once per side

Tip: This exercise is very selective. If you would like to roll the soles of your feet more extensively, use a BLACKROLL® MINI or MINI FLOW roller.


Effect: Releases tension in the calf area.

Instructions: Place a BALL 08 on a TWIN roller and then place your calf on top of the ball. Grip the TWIN on both sides and move the roller forwards and backwards. The ball should move up and down the middle of your calf.

Time: One minute per side
Sets: Once per side
Tip: You can also use a SLIM fascia roller instead of the TWIN.


Effect: Releases tension in the lower back.

Instructions: Place a MED roller on the floor and rest your lower back on it. Place your hands on the floor to balance yourself. Turn your upper body slightly sideways so the roller is not directly on your spine. Begin a gently rolling movement that massages the lumbar spine area. After one minute, change to the other side.

Time: One minute per side
Sets: Once per side
Tip: Use your lower arms to support yourself and regulate the pressure.


Effect: Releases tension in the upper back. Combats back pain after hiking.

Instructions: Stand upright and lean your back gently against a wall. Place a DUOBALL 08 between your shoulder blades. Bend your knees slightly and then straighten them again, so that the ball rolls gently up and down.

Time: One to two minutes per side

Sets: Once per side

Tip: The further away you stand from the wall, the greater the pressure. Wrap your arms around your chest to reach deeper fascial strands.


Effect: Relieves tension in the neck, often caused by carrying a backpack while hiking.

Instructions: Grasp a BLACKROLL® TWISTER from behind with one hand using the two indents and place it on the opposite side of your neck, just behind and below your ear. Use the TWISTER to apply pressure to your neck and turn the TWISTER in any direction while applying constant pressure. Hold the end position of the rotation for 10 seconds and then release the pressure. Repeat the process along your neck, focusing on the sore areas.

Time: One to two minutes per side
Sets: Once per side
Tip: If you have a walking buddy, ask them to carry out the TWISTER massage on you while you relax.