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Hiking: great exercise for the body and mind!

Prevent illness, keep your cardiovascular system healthy, lower your blood pressure, maintain a healthy weight, build muscle and increase your coordination and balance, and all while promoting your mental well-being. Is it possible to do it all at once? It is! Hiking is the magic word.

Experience the great outdoors

The freedom of being out in the mountains and enjoying the moment is something we value more than ever these days.

On the following pages, we show you some exercises that will help ensure you enjoy hiking, trekking and other outdoor activities to the full. The exercises are a perfect addition to your hiking training and will help ensure you continue to conquer every peak.

We’ll show you simple, quick warm-up exercises that will get you in shape for your hike.

Here are some good recovery exercises for tired legs and sore muscles after hiking.

Targeted strength training can make you stronger and prevent injuries. Start now.

This exercises can help eliminate or alleviate knee pain after a hike.