Has a long bike ride left your thighs feeling heavy? We know the feeling... uncomfortable, right? But not to worry. With active regeneration exercises, you can increase your chances of recovering quicker and get back into tip-top shape for your next ride. The beneficial regenerative effect of fascia training after intense exercise has now been scientifically proven.1 Focus on the leg muscles, glutes and back muscles, which are all put under particular strain while cycling. It’s also a good idea to loosen up your wrists, especially after mountain biking. After all, experiencing wrist pain while riding a bike is not uncommon. The following five exercises can help.


Effect: helps relieve tension in the front of the thighs.

Instructions: start in the elbow plank position. Place the BLACKROLL® under your legs, just above the knees. Slowly roll out your thighs by rolling yourself back and forth over the BLACKROLL®. Use your arms to create the motion.

Duration: one to two minutes

Sets: one

Tip: we like to use the BLACKROLL® BOOSTER for this exercise. The vibrating massage effect stimulates the muscles and fasciae more effectively.


Effect: helps relieve tension in the hip flexors.

Instructions: start by lying on your stomach, with your forearms supporting you. Stretch one leg out behind you and rest the other one on the floor with a bend in the knee. Place the foam roller underneath your hip bone. Use your arms and bent leg to roll yourself back and forth.

Duration: one to two minutes

Sets: one per side

Tip: if you want to increase the pressure a little while doing this exercise, hold the foam roller on a particular spot and pull your heel toward your buttocks. Hold for a few seconds and then release.


Effect: helps relieve tension in the calves.

Instructions: Sit on the floor with your legs extended and place your calf on the BLACKROLL® TWIN, so that it’s positioned in the center of your lower leg. Now use your arms to push and pull yourself back and forth on the fascia roller, so that it rolls along your calf.

Duration: one to two minutes

Sets: one per side

Tip: thanks to the indentation in the center, the BLACKROLL® TWIN is ideal for treating the calf muscles. You can get an even deeper massage by using it in combination with the BOOSTER.


Effect: helps relieve tension in the lower back.

Instructions: Sit down on the floor with your legs bent so that your knees face the ceiling and place the BLACKROLL® TWIN against your lower back, just above the waistline. Lean your upper body back, lift your buttocks off the floor and support yourself by resting your forearms on the floor beside you. Roll along your lumbar spine.

Duration: one to two minutes

Sets: one

Tip: is the pressure more intense in certain spots? Hold it there and take deep breaths in and out until the pain subsides.


Effect: helps loosen up the wrists.

Instructions: place the BLACKROLL® MICRO on a table or hard surface. Roll your wrist back and forth on top of the MICRO. Apply as much pressure as you require.

Duration: one to two minutes per side

Sets: one per side

Tip: for a more intense effect, linger on a particular spot for a few seconds and tilt your hand up and down.