Cycling with bad posture can place unnecessary strain on the sacroiliac joint and thereby cause pain. In the worst-case scenario, it can even lead to an SIJ blockage. A dislocated sacroiliac joint manifests itself as a localized pain that radiates in different directions, which can be intensified by external rotations or bending movements in the hip joint. Below, we’ll show you some exercises that can help prevent or get rid of an SIJ blockage. If symptoms start to worsen or occur more frequently, please consult a doctor or physiotherapist.

Perform the following exercise routine three times a week and take at least one day of rest in between sessions.


Effect: helps relieve tension in the glutes

Instructions: sit down on the floor and place the BLACKROLL® STANDARD or the BALL 08/12 underneath one of your glutes. Rest the leg on the same side over the other leg, which should be bent at the knee. Support your body with your hands resting next to your buttocks. Roll out your glute by extending the bent leg and bending it back in again, with your arms supporting the movement back and forth. The more body weight you put on the STANDARD, the more intense the pressure will be. Linger on any sore spots for a few seconds.

Duration: one to two minutes per side

Sets: one per side

Tip: start with the STANDARD, then move up to the BALL 12 and the BALL 08 for a more intense effect.


Effect: stretches the hip flexors and glutes.

Instructions: start on all fours and place the SUPER BAND around the inside of your thigh. Place the band as close to your hip as possible. Now, bring one leg in front of your body and bend your knee to between 45° and 90° – whatever you can manage. Stretch your other leg out behind your body and press your pelvis toward the floor on that side.

Duration: one to two minutes per side

Sets: one per side

Tip: to deepen the stretch, lower your upper body towards the floor. The pull of the SUPER BAND helps mobilize the area more quickly and deeply.


Effect: stretches tight hamstrings

Start in an upright sitting position and place the SUPER BAND around one of your feet. Hold the ends of the band in your hands. Lie down on your back slowly and place both legs on the floor. Lift the leg that’s inside the band as far back as possible. Intensify the stretch by pulling the band downwards.

Duration: one to two minutes per side

Sets: one per side

Tip: this exercise can be used to relieve the lumbar spine by stretching the back of the thigh.


Effect: can prevent an SIJ blockage.

Instructions: lie on your back with your arms spread apart at a 90° angle. Rest your right foot beside your left knee, and let your leg roll left. Make sure your shoulders don’t lift off the floor. Then start by circling your right arm. Your gaze should follow the band. Place the foam roller under your knee for support.

Duration: 10 arm circles per side

Sets: two to three per side

Tip: You can add intensity to the exercise by removing the foam roller from underneath your knee.

Don’t let it get to the point of pain – prevention is best:

  • Stretch and loosen up your muscles regularly
  • Warm up before going for a bike ride
  • After exercise, massage your leg muscles using a BLACKROLL® self-massage technique