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Get fit for your next bike ride

Spring, summer and fall are the ideal times to get on an electric bike, a mountain bike, road bike or city bike and take it for a spin. Why? Because cycling is good for you. It helps build your endurance and strengthens your leg muscles – and you get the added bonus of some fresh air, too. When it comes to mountain biking in particular, your arms and wrists also have their work cut out for them – absorbing shock, that is. In addition, cycling also conditions the lower back muscles, which are responsible for ensuring a stable spine. And as anyone who’s ever sat on a bike for hours at a time will know, the hips and glutes also get a good workout. We’ll show you which exercises will get you fit for your next bike ride.

We’ll show you simple, quick warm-up exercises that will get you in shape for your bike ride.

Here are some good recovery exercises for sore muscles after cycling.

Targeted strength training can make you stronger and prevent injuries. Start now.

This exercises can help eliminate or alleviate a sacroiliac joint (SIJ) blockage.