Does your neck hurt? You can relive it with our exercises.

Bones, ligaments and muscles support your head and make it flexible. Usually, neck pain is not a serious threat, and with the right neck exercises, you can soothe the pain. Your goal must be to restore the range of motion in your neck, which is how you prevent compensating postures. And you don’t even need a massage therapist. You can give yourself a neck massage with BLACKROLL® products.

Myofascial self-massage for neck pain

You can perform a neck massage on yourself using myofascial techniques, which relieve tension and loosen adhesions. If you suffer from neck pain, your chest muscles are probably shortened. A head that is pushed forward can weigh several times its actual weight, and that has a negative effect on your neck. You should therefore also work on your chest area during the neck pain exercises.

Neck massage: relaxes your cervical spine

Start by lying on your back and place the BLACKROLL® or the BLACKROLL® DUOBALL 08 under your neck. Slowly turn your head left and right. Stay on the tender points for about 10 seconds. Then increase the pressure on the roll and perform slight, nodding movements. Work all of the tender points in your neck.

Time: one to two minutes

Sets: one

Tip: to train your abdominal breathing as well during this neck pain exercise, place one hand on your stomach and try to breathe against your hand.

Neck pain exercise: loosens up your chest muscles

Stand in front of a wall. Place the BALL 12 on the wall at chest height and lean against it with one side of your chest so that the ball rests on your chest. Work on all of your chest muscles. If you feel a tender point, stay on it for about 15 seconds, and then lift your arm up and down to mobilize the tissue under the pressure point.

Time: one to two minutes per side

Sets: one

Note: if you perform this neck exercise with a BLOCK and BALL 08, you can get even deeper into the tissue. To do this, place the BLOCK and the BALL on the wall and do the same exercise.

Shoulder/neck exercise: relaxes your trapezius muscle

Stand next to a door frame. Place the BALL 08 on the side of the door frame at waist level and perform a lunge. Bend your upper body forward so that the BALL is pinched between the transition between your neck/shoulder and the door frame. Your head should be in line with your spine, and your arms should hang down loosely. You can work your trapezius muscle this way. Stay on the tender points for about 15 seconds. Try to move your head slowly to the other side.

Time: one to two minutes per side

Sets: one

Note: tension in the area of the trapezius muscle can lead to pain in the neck and shoulders, the back of the head, and at the temples. You can target the trigger points with the help of this neck pain exercise.

Mobilization and stretching exercises for neck pain

By mobilizing your spine, you will improve mobility and blood circulation in this area. Work on the neck and chest muscles for best results. By offsetting the imbalances, you improve your posture and prevent neck pain.

Neck pain exercise: stretches your neck muscles

Sit comfortably on the floor or on a chair. Place your right hand on your head and gently pull it to the side. Your back should stay straight and your shoulders relaxed. Switch sides after about a minute.

Time: one minute per side

Sets: one

Note: to increase the stretch of the neck and neck muscles, move the opposite hand sideways toward the floor. Try other head flexion and rotation positions to reach all of the neck and neck muscles.

Neck pain exercise: stretches your chest muscles

Start on all fours and stretch your arm to the side. Place your forearm on the BLACKROLL®. Slide the fascia roll aside and let your upper body sink to the floor.

Time: one to two minutes

Sets: one

Note: in order to increase the stretching and mobilization of the exercise for neck pain, you can turn to the opposite side over the thoracic spine.

Shoulder/neck exercise: mobilizes your spine

Start on all fours with your head in line with your spine. Your hands should be directly under your shoulders and your hips directly over your knees. Round your upper back the next time you exhale. The movement comes from your entire spine. Pull your navel inward and bring your chin to your chest. When you inhale, lower your back and look up at the sky.

Repetitions: 15

Sets: two

Note: with this neck pain exercise, you mobilize both the lumbar, thoracic and cervical spine. Combined breathing enables you to mobilize your diaphragm at the same time.

Activation and strengthening exercises for neck pain

In order to get rid of pain in the long term, it is crucial that you strengthen your muscles in a targeted manner while being largely free of pain as improved posture prevents neck pain. Exercises for your shoulders, back and neck improve your posture and can contribute to your being free of pain.

Shoulder/neck exercise: strengthens your back

Attach the MULTI BAND in front of you at waist level and grab the loops. Start on your knees. Your knees should be directly under your hips. Tense your buttocks and abdominal muscles while simultaneously pressing your shoulder blades together. Imagine that you are pinching a ball between your shoulder blades. Now move your elbows backward. Hold the position for a moment and bring your arms forward again.

Repetitions: 8 to 12

Sets: 3

Note: keep your shoulders low throughout the neck pain exercise and make sure that your neck remains in line with your spine.

Neck pain exercise: improves your posture

Assume the push-up position with your arms extended. Tighten your core muscles and buttocks so that your body forms a straight line. Keep the cervical spine straight. Let your upper body sag down. Keep your arms extended. Then push yourself up as far as possible. Hold the position for a couple of seconds and repeat the motion again.

Repetitions: eight to 12 per side

Sets: three

Note: stabilizing the shoulder blades can lead to better posture by activating certain muscle groups. This neck pain exercise can therefore have a positive effect on the alignment of your cervical spine.

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