How long will it take for my package to arrive?

The delivery periods depend on the corresponding country of destination. Unless the parties agree otherwise, the delivery period for shipments within Germany is up to five (5) business days and for shipments outside Germany up to fourteen (14) business days following the completion of the ordering process by the Customer.
For further information please click on this link.

How much are the shipping charges?

Within Germany, a lump sum of € 5.00 is charged for shipping; a lump sum of € 10.00 is charged for all other destinations. For further information please click on this link.

Which roll is suitable for which body weight?

There are no specific correlations. Rather, the roll you select depends on your individual pain or sensitivity and how the roll will be used.
BLACKROLL® MED = suitable for beginners, pain sensitive persons, and highly tensed body parts (Please note the product information for this roll!)
BLACKROLL® STANDARD = suitable for beginners to advanced users with an average pain sensitivity
BLACKROLL® PRO = suitable for advanced users or professional athletes, very strong massage effect
Is there any difference between the BLACKROLL® STANDARD in black and the BLACKROLL® STANDARD in other color combinations? No, there is no difference in terms of size or density. Only the colors are different.
When should I use the BLACKROLL® BALL and when the BLACKROLL® DUOBALL? BALLS (8 cm, 12 cm): for a punctual and intense massage of the neck, arms, chest and feet. DUOBALL 8 cm: targeted and intense massage of the neck and upper back along the spine, also effective on the arms, chest and Achilles tendon. DUOBALL 12 cm: Basically, it can be used in manner that is similar to a normal roll. However, the focus is on a targeted massage of the neck and the entire back along the spine and of the calves.

Which payment methods does BLACKROLL® accept?

In our online shop you may pay via PayPal, Sofortüberweisung or by credit card (VISA & MasterCard). Your account will be debited at the time the goods are shipped.

When should BLACKROLL® products not be used?

Please have a look at the List of contraindications.

How can I arrange for a shipment to a DHL Packstation?
We will be glad to ship your goods to a DHL Packstation. Please make sure that you provide the full and accurate address together with your purchase order:

first name: Max
family name: Mustermann
company/post code (Postnummer): Your post code
street/ number: Packstation with number
Pplace: Packstation location
country: Germany
zip code: zip code of Packstation

How can I assemble the BLACKROLL® set most easily?

The easiest way of combing the BLACKROLL® MINI with the BLACKROLL® (STANDARD / MED / GROOVE / GROOVE PRO / PRO) is to use a few drops of oil on one end of the MINI. Then place the BLACKROLL® MINI at an angle in the hole of the BLACKROLL® and push it in circles into the larger roll. Please note: do not repeat these steps too often, since the material around the opening of the BLACKROLL® might become porous.

How can I contact BLACKROLL® if I should have any questions regarding my purchase order or any other concerns?

Just send an email to shop.int@blackroll.com or use the contact details indicated in the Imprint.

How can I exercise my statutory right of withdrawal?

For details regarding the preconditions and exercising of your statutory right of withdrawal please click on our Information on the right of withdrawal.

Where should I return the goods to?

In both cases, exercise of your statutory right of withdrawal and in the event of goods to be returned for other reasons (e.g., warranty), we ask you to return the goods to either of the following addresses, depending on the shipping address:

Customers with a shipping address in Germany or other countries except for Switzerland:

WSVK Oederan GmbH

GEwerbestrasse 1
09569 Oederan 


Only Customers with a shipping address in Switzerland:

Hauptstraße 17
CH-8598 Bottighofen

If you should have any questions regarding the withdrawal, complaints or a replacement of goods, please contact us by sending an email to shop@blackroll.com. This will help us avoid additional expenses and cost. Depending on the product and issue there are various forms of customer assistance. Please note that these suggestions do not constitute a prerequisite for exercising your statutory right of withdrawal and your warranty rights.

Where do I find information on electrical devices (in accordance with the Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act, ElektroG)?

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Where can I find information on batteries and rechargeable batteries (in accordance with the Battery Act, BattG)?

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