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Myofascial Self-help therapy with the BLACKROLL® MINI

Self-help therapy with a BLACKROLL® MINI was performed on the foot fascia. The aim of this pilot-study was to explore the outcome of the self-therapy effectivity on psycho-physiological states through a tool assisted tissue manipulation.

37 post office workers were recruited at random, to perform a self-help therapy trial for three weeks with a small foam roller, the BLACKROLL® MINI.

The BLACKROLL® MINI was used to work on the plantar fascia ...


Education 3

Better stretching with BLACKROLL®

A classical stretch technique 'CRAC' (Contract-Relax-Agonist-Contract) was compared with a myofascial stretch with the use of the BLACKROLL® (BR).


Blackroll® Standard

Current State of Research on Foam Rolling

Today there are three systematic reviews focused on foam rolling. These were published in short succession over the last few months.

All three systematic reviews came to the same three conclusions:

1) Foam rolling does support mobility of joints.

2) Foam rolling does before competition not cause negative repercussions in terms of athletic performances.

3) Foam rolling stimulates regeneration after an intense athletic strain.


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Range of current studies

Here you may find a range of current studies ...