In principle there are three clear contraindications which rule out the use of BLACKROLL®:

These contraindications are applicable to nearly all acute traumas, respectively diseases (e.g. fractures, thromboses, acute lumbago, etc).

In case of 'soft' or weaker contraindications it needs to be decided individually whether the use of BLACKROLL®® can (or should be allowed to) take place.

Soft contraindications are applied to (for example):

In addition to these contraindications the following contraindications should be considered for the VYPER:

If one or more of these contraindications apply to your situation, please first consult with your doctor or therapist.

In general we ask you to bear in mind that all BLACKROLL® products are used at one's own risk. We recommend you to consult your physiotherapist, manual therapist, massage therapist or medical specialist, when in doubt/or when you experience strong pain - after the self massage - or in case of recurring injuries.